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Tracy Tsang

Written by Neelam Harjani, Founder of Inspire Yoga and Tracy Tsang, Founder of T for Teams

Large organizations have long recognized that workplace wellness initiatives result in significant improvement to business metrics and team performance when employees’ wellbeing are prioritised and taken care of. For Startups and SMEs however, with survival of their business being top priority, the wellbeing of their teams often becomes last of their concern until it’s too late.

Business survival and productivity is often prioritised at the expense of wellbeing for Startups and SMEs. Photo by Andreas Klassen on Unsplash

Wellbeing for Startup founders & employees

Ironically, startup entrepreneurs and employees are particularly prone to burnout and stress as they absorb the pressure of their businesses’ survival, generally…

I’ve been fortunate to have worked with some truly great teams in my career.

But even for the best of teams, to reach our full potential, work towards a higher purpose and thrive at work remains a nebulous goal.

For startups, this is especially common — working with limited time and resource while trying to do everything yourself often leads to high level of stress, anxiety and sleep deprivation.​

At one point I pushed myself too much to the point of exhaustion and was completely burnout. I was unable to work to my full capability for years, until I developed…

Tracy Tsang

Founder of Internet of Stories/T for Teams, Growth Coach for conscious entrepreneurs looking to grow brand empires and Host of The Innovate for Growth Podcast

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