Tracy Tsang

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  • Enrique Yervez

    Enrique Yervez

    iWorker, Co-Founder. Creative problem solver. Passionate about generating social impact.

  • Sandro Safareli

    Sandro Safareli

  • Tobias van Schneider

    Tobias van Schneider

    Self-taught Designer & Maker. Un-Employed. Founder of Formerly Spotify — More About me:

  • Wendy Tam

    Wendy Tam

    Founder of SprintImpact. Passionate about UX, Innovation Methodologies, Human-centered Technology, Org design and Living a Purpose-driven Life.

  • John David Chibuk

    John David Chibuk

    Founder, building teams and products to shape the future.

  • Belle Liu

    Belle Liu

    Director of PMO @Apply Digital. Previously: Founder @BeansBox

  • SOON_Words


    The writings of digital consultancy SOON_

  • Adam McNamara

    Adam McNamara

    Founding partner at Ramen Ventures. Former VP Product at Shopify. @adammcnamara

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